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Nail & Skincare

Nail & SkinCare

The Fedua branded nail & skincare products were launched in 2017 as the completion of the catalogue dedicated to nail care with the aim of offering a wider and more complete range of solutions.

In this section you can find our articles designed for skincare routine, precious allies such as cuticle oil, hand care products and foot care products.

Nail products: discover the Fedua product range

The nail &skincare productsmade by the brand are dedicatedto thecare of the skin, of the hands and feet, and include a selection of specific oils for cuticles.

Fedua's mission is to offernail productsalways in the name of fashion and excellence: this is why the brand has chosen to focus onhigh-quality solutions characterized by effective formulations and a refined design.

Discover our products for hand skincare, nail careand cuticlecare.

Skincare products: what is your skincare routine like?

Nailcare (and more generally, hand care) is an essential activity to enhance the beauty and style of every woman,and with the right products it can also be a pleasant indulgence at the end of a long day or an indispensable opportunity to pamper yourself a bit.

A good beauty routine helps keep skin young, elastic, healthy and radiant. For this Fedua has designed and developed a line of creams, lotions and scrubs dedicated to the care of the skin, hands and feet: from anti-ageing cream to refreshing foot balm, each product offered by the brand has specific properties for every need.

Starting from the market requirements regarding skincare routines and nail products, our team has developed effective solutions in line with current trends.

Fedua skincare products

Perfecthand carealso requires suitablenail treatment. Fedua has created a series of products with a specific purpose, each of which will help you to complete an infallible skincare routine.

  • Cuticle oils
    Cuticle oil is an essential product: thanks to the properties of the formulas used, Fedua oils soften the cuticle and improve nail hydration.
  • Hand creams
    Fedua products dedicated to hand skincare include creams with a moisturising, anti-ageing and protective effect.
  • Foot creams
    Foot care is not limited to nail polishes: to show off fabulous extremities more needs doing. Fedua supports you with relaxing, moisturising and repairing creams.

Thanks to the highest quality raw materials, beneficial combinations of functional extracts and creating unique fragrancesformulated by the best perfumers, Fedua has created a line of products for manicure and pedicure and a range of exclusive and irreplaceable nail treatmentsolutions.

Do not rely on just any brand: choose the certainty of Made in Italy and make your wishes come true with effective, healthy and pleasant products to be applied relying on a partner of excellence. Our catalogue dedicated to nail & skincare is in constant evolution, and the Fedua team is always busy identifying the next product that you will no longer want to do without.

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Nail Polish


The first nail paint created by Fedua belonged to the line dedicated to gel effect polishes , designed to ensure superior durability with extra brightness. The vibrant and boundless shades of the “social blue” hue, inspired by the clear skies of Morocco, have remained etched in the identity of the brand, becoming its official colour.

From that first momentum of creativity we have created nail paints in many other shades, all different but always conceived with the same imagination and the same passion. Bright colours, cold shades, naked proposals or energetic temptations - Fedua offers you a catalogue full of opportunities to experiment with the tones you prefer and express how you feel.

Gel Effect and semi-permanent polishes: choose the right one.
To select the nuances to be produced, we analyse current trends, market demands, the changing of the seasons and the most powerful guide of all - inspiration.
Nail polish is as important as all accessories: if the care is seen in detail, to express our personality and communicate the mood of the moment we cannot underestimate the choice of the most suitable shade.

Thanks to the brilliance of a gel-effect nail polish we can transform nail care into a small mobile work of art. Fedua nail polish, in fact, ensures a long-lasting hold with all the brightness typical of gel'effect polishes.

Apply a nourishing base coat formulated to smooth and protect the nail, choose the long-lasting polish of the colour you prefer and apply a resistant and luminous finish: your nail care is ready (and it is already irresistible).

Nail polish: choose Fedua

Our products meet the needs of those who want to show off always shiny nails without the stress of having to resort to semi-permanentnail polish.
Fedua varnishes, made with the special Gel Effect formula, are extraordinarily resistant (especially if combined with base coats and finishes from the same line) and highly pigmented, but not only: our gelnail polish is also 7-free, i.e. free from substances harmful to health.

Each nail polish marketed by the brand is resistant , extra bright and refined just like a design object: the elegant and linear shape of the packaging has become a distinctive trademark of Fedua aesthetics and embodies all the value we attribute to originality and beauty.

Nail polish shop online : Fedua and Made in Italy

Our inspirations come from all over the world, but our attention to quality reflects the philosophy of excellence that animates the market of Made in Italy products.
Why buy the “classic” semi-permanent nail polishes if you can have a bright, resistant varnish with an unmistakable style? Invest in a safe, durable and high quality product and value the care and beauty of your nails.

Base coat, colour, finishing: thanks to a range of items that embraces all phases of nail care, Fedua offers you a wide, diversified and always current product range.
Our mission is to give you what you are looking for: the choice is yours.

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