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is an art form.

Luca Gonzini, creator of Fedua, has learned to recognize it everywhere during journeys undertaken in search of new ideas and inspirations.

The essence of Fedua, an irresistible and colourful concept of beauty, was created during an exciting experience among the magical scenarios offered by Morocco among characteristic colours, fascinating traditions and unique products such as Argan oil, produced with experience and passion by local women. Precisely this manual processing, carried out with patience using rudimentary tools, suggested to Luca the intuition that turned into Fedua Cosmetics.

Rooted in Luca's family business (the historic paint factory Colorificio Gonzini in the town of Botticino), the start-up in collaboration with Serena Archetti immediately translated its founder's love for high quality into inimitable products. The gratitude towards the family-run paint factory is at the origin of the inimitable paint tin packaging that today characterizes Fedua products. This container has a refined and contemporary design that makes it look like a real design object.

The desire to liven up the beauty sector with a young, innovative, dynamic and cosmopolitan brand has given Fedua the necessary strength to establish itself in the Italian and international market through a range of excellent products designed to satisfy the desires of women with very different tastes, needs and objectives.

Today Fedua creates and markets its creations, but not only: thanks to the Nail Bar in Brescia, the first non-toxic salon, the brand promotes a concept of beauty that respects health thanks to the use of products free from dangerous chemical substances; and with the Fedua Academy it offers valuable training courses dedicated to professional nail care.


Fedua’s products are certain and 7 free certified, meaning made without formaldehyde resin, camphor toulene, dbp, formaldehyde, xilene and metiletichetone. Fedua gel effect nail polish are realized in compliance with international regulamentation and offered security and assurance. The product before selling, has passed the test provided by law (no animal test).