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Fedua Academy is not a nail reconstruction course - it is much more.

Don’t settle for the “classic” nail art courseor anold and obsoletesemi-permanent nail polish course: the secret of success is to be different and always offer something more. That is why Fedua has designed a route that goes beyond the beautician courses that are advertised everywhere and that flatten the beauty scene with an ordinary or mundane standard.

Our educational opportunities arise from the need and desire to develop a technical school and of thought even before practice, because we are convinced that in order to maximize all the potential of a good product, just any old course is not enough.

Fedua Academy offers you basic training provided by the normal nail reconstruction courses plus an exclusive opportunity to learn to apply the Fedua products unerringly to turn your services into the hallmark of a successful salon.

Fedua Academy does not just offer you the basic training required by normal nail reconstruction courses,but itwill reveal all the techniques and numerous secrets of trueRussian manicure(a service of excellence appreciated all over the world) through acutting-edge system designed and developed by Fedua which boasts enthusiastic fans in Moscow, London and New York.

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Fedua products have made many different women fall in love all over the globe: find out how to best apply them to make your work more original and captivating and increase the appeal of your business.

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Fedua Academy: nail care training courses

Have you taken a beautician course and want to specialize in nail care? Are you dissatisfied with what you learned in your nail reconstruction course? Did you expect something more from your nail art course ? Have you ever wanted to do a manicure that does not require the use of metal tools and that is completely sterile, safe and painless? An experienced and qualified Russian nail master will reveal all her secrets to you. If you want to get more than what you would by attending common training courses, the Fedua Academy nail reconstruction courses are the solution you’ve been waiting for: discover the most advanced manicure and pedicure techniques.

The success of our products in Italy and abroad has meant that the brand has got increasingly more visibility, exponentially increasing attention from the beauty industry. When we realized that the interest in our brand showed no sign of diminishing, we understood that we had to develop an effective response for all those people who asked us how best to use our products. Fedua Academy began as a support to all professionals and all those who want to pursue an activity in the beauty world relying on products that are safe, valued and of quality. Did you know that there are many different manicure and pedicure techniques? During our training appointments you will not only discover all the specific functions and characteristics of the products in the catalogue, but you will also learn how to best associate them and how to apply them to always obtain excellent results. Let yourself be surprisedby the new and innovative manicure techniques that are trendy all over the world without forgetting attentionto the green factor.

Fedua Academy includes a series of diversified and global training activities such as the full nail reconstruction course,semi-permanent polishcourse, one dedicated to Acrygel and Gummy Semi-builder application and many other specific nail care training courses dedicated to the care of hands and feet. Of course, your allies in this adventure will be Fedua products: thanks to the supportof prepared, engaging and internationallyexperienced experts, you will have the opportunity to actively learn and test your skills in a safe and stimulating environment. The courses will offer you complete and detailed training on the “Fedua” method, which highlights the quality, of all the brand's treatments and will ensure you a competitive advantage in terms of theory, practice and service. Fedua products have enchanted many different women in every part of the globe: find out how to best apply them to make your work most original and engaging and increase the appeal of your activity .