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The idea of a Fedua brand franchise was launched in early 2019 in Russia, and has already been very successful. The project is constantly growing and boasts affiliates in the most diverse countries throughout the world, so much so that the brand has also reached the United States.

The ambition to export the quality, of the beauty products and services Made in Italy has pushed the brand to combine its expertise with the excellent standards that characterize the manicure and pedicure done in Russian salons, and recognized as the best in the world.

The Fedua franchise has a dual mission: to extend the range of a nail care of absolute quality and provide valuable training, accessible and beneficial to the professional beauty sector. Entering into a franchise, you will have the opportunity to receive special updates, get competent support and take full advantage of useful integrated services as a centralized booking tool.

The keywords of the Fedua franchise are:


Quality Products, exemplary service: with the support of Fedua you will be able to ensure a much higher than average quality standard.


Give your salon personality with unique products with guaranteed effectiveness and an iconic design. Offer an unmistakable experience and become the reference point for a large and refined clientèle.


Recognizing the individuality of each customer is essential for loyalty: learn how to ensure an original service that is capable of surprising.

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